Sizing Help

Little feet grow quickly 

Every child's feet grow differently and at different times.  In fact, your child's feet could be smaller or larger than the recommended size for her or his age.  That's why it's best to get your child’s feet measured every few months. To measure your child’s feet at home, we’ve developed an easy to use Foot Sizing Chart.

To promote healthy foot growth

Little feet need footwear that is: 

  1. Flexible to allow the foot to move with ease

  2. Soft and cushioned to allow toes a better grip, helping balance and muscle growth

  3. Snug and Secure to prevent stumbles

  4. Lightweight to encourage new walkers to stay upright 

The sizing charts below will help you choose the right size of Robeez footwear for your child.

*Please note, our size recommendation will be slightly larger than your child's foot to provide room for healthy foot growth and for longer usage.

Mini Me Size Chart

Size Outsole Length: in Outsole Length: cm Age
3 4.7 11.9 3-6 months
4 4.9 12.5 6-9 months
5 5.4 13.7 9-12 months
6 5.6 14.3 12-18 months

Light Up Slippers Size Chart

Size Age
5/6 12-24 months
7/8 2-3 years
9/10 4-5 years
11/12 5-6 years
13/1 7-8 years