Our Kids Mom - 7/8/2015

Apr 20th 2016

Our Kids Mom - 7/8/2015

Another great review for Robeez

Robeez Rain Boots

Robeez baby footwear has been around for some time now. The more I use their shoes the more and more I grow to like Robeez.

With my first child I never realized how important it is when they are little to be fitting them with a shoe that helps with their feet development and growth. Robeez shoes are made to mimic your child’s bare feet as they bend and flex as the walk. With an elastic ankle these boots and shoes stay put.

I was sent the Robeez City Slicker Mini Shoez Rainboots. The soles of the shoes are non-skid, giving your baby great grip for indoor or outdoor walking.

The boot is made from a high quality leather protecting your babies’ feet. These mini rain boots just scream fun. With the hook and loop closure on the sides I wouldn’t call these boots completely waterproof for getting submerged in deep puddles, but they are great for those damp muddy days that you need that extra height for protecting them from the mud.

Robeez has an enormous selection of shoes and boots for both boys and girls. Give your babies feet the right start in development that they need.

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